Beginner Guide

Hello and welcome to tibikra. I will try to write most important things for new players to start your journey across tibikra well.




After you create your account you will receive bonus XP for 1 hour. I would recommend you to take low level slayer task. Slayer is profitable especial in high levels!


Talk with Tureal (Low level slayer master) he will give your first task in tibikra


After you receive your task and if you don't know where that monster is you can also ask your slayer master for information!



Teleport menu and locations

Now you know where is your task after that you need to get there. In tibikra almost every location are in teleport menu


PS. You can also open your teleport menu by pressing "Ctrl + t" or clicking World map icon ingame.

Money making and Shops

After you done your first task and gained some xp you should upgrade your gear but for that you need some cash.

In tibikra there is a lot of ways to earn money. You can gain from Monsters/Bosses,Crystal chest, Clue scrolls, Slayer task and slayer bosses, Skilling and ofcourse pking!

But for this guide i will write just most basic and beginner friendly money making method - Thieving.

Thieving is most simple way to gain money from but also boring and click intensive but for basic gear its great way to earn cash. All you have to do is just click on stalls and sell items to "Sigmund"


PS. Crafting Skill (Skilling area) is also profitable and more AFK'able method to get some cash.

After you get some cash (~1m) you can upgrade your starter items in shops.


Here you can find a lot of npc selling some stuff but right now you need to talk with "Zeke" (red npc) he offers Range/Mage/Melee and even supplies to sell.

Buy your first Dragon scimmy, armor. Upgrade your range bow and ammunition.

Always vote when you can, prizes are really worth it!


1. Your first goal should be reach max your melee/range status. I would strongly recommend you also train magic at least for 70 (better mage defense bonus against some monsters)

2. Get at least 44 prayer level. King Black dragon, Green dragons, and Jungle demon are most suitable for this. They are easy to kill and have good drop table and some of them even drop NOTED bones!

3. Get Rune or Dragon defender (From Warrior guild minigame), or complete easy Light house minigame to unlock Zammy, Sara, Guthix books!

4. After you reach 80-90 combat statuses you can start to collect your first Void knight armor pieces. You can check our Drop table to see which monsters drops it. (In tibikra there is alot of custume drops, so its strongly recommend to check item or monster in drop table before)



PS. You can write Item or Monster name in search box to find information about it!

5. Collect some Blood money from monsters or PvP. You can exchange to really cool items (for start you can try to get amulet of Fury)


6. Get Slayer helm. (You need Dark mask from Cave horrors and Slayer points to make it!)

7. Train your slayer at least for 85 and go kill some Abyssal demons for whip!

8. Get some barrows gear like full Guthan/Verac and atleast Karril top. (Guthan is usefull for slayer tasks and Bandos, Verac for wilderness bosses like Venenatis, Calisto and Vet'ion, and other, Karill top is usefull for bossing for its amazing defense bonuses). Barrows brothers are weak to magic, so i would recommend to get Trident of the Seas to farm them most efficient way.

9. Unlock Lunar spell book. You need to read Lunar scroll from Venenatis, Calisto, Vet'ion bosses or you can just buy it from other players!

After that you can try to go GWD for Bandos, Armadyl set, Saradomin godsword and Zamorakian spear (for Corporal beast and Giant Roc bosses). After those items you are ready to PvM Medium/Hard bosses!

Good luck in game!