Giant roc is costume boss for Tibikra. Its for high level players designed boss. He is fairly hard boss even for duo you also need ecumenical key to fight against him.

He have 3 attacks. Mage attack ( Can deal up to 30 and have 1/3 chance to hit multiply players.) Range attack (Can deal up to 25 ALWAYS multiply attack). Special attack (Can blow you away few tiles also you will be stunned for 1.5sec max hit: 15). He also have kinda high defense level so its strongly recommended to use DWH special against him.

He is weak against Zamorakian HASTA and you can reduce his magic damage with Dragon Kiteshield (-20%) or reduce mage AND range attacks damage with Elysian spirit shield.

Also try to keep your health high because you can't eat while you are stunned.

Low gear:

High gear:


Unique drop: Frozen whip mix. You can combine Frozen whip mix with Abyssal whips to get Frozen whip. PLEASE Read more