This is a guide to defeating Kree'arra, the Armadyl-aligned general in the God Wars Dungeon.

Kree'arra is capable of dealing up to 71 damage with Ranged, meaning the Protect from Missiles prayer is required to avoid almost certain death.

When under attack, he will only use his Ranged and Magic attacks. If he is no longer under attack for any reason, he will hone in on his primary target and employ a moderately powerful Melee attack using his claws.

Getting killcount
Armadyl killcount is notably tedious to obtain, since Aviansies react to the player's attacks and will focus on them immediately upon clicking on them, even if they are being attacked by other monsters. You will want to flash Protect from Missiles in order to minimise the damage you will take when getting killcount.

Ecumenical keys
Ecumenical keys, obtained from killing Chaos Fanatic, Jungle Demon or Crazy archeologist. It is highly advised to keep the max amount of keys you can hold. Since getting killcount is tedious, you may as well skip it with an ecumenical key. A second and/or third key can help for rebanking or if you die in the boss chamber.


High Gear

*Elysian spirit shield have 75% chance to reduce incoming damage by 25%.


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